away we go…

away we go…

It’s truly absurd how long I’ve put this off. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve outlined a post in my head, jotted down notes in my handy dandy notebook, and even sat down to type without actually posting a thing. Somehow, when it’s come to putting finger to key, I’ve managed to spend hours tinkering with display type and themes, phrasing the perfect title, twittering about blogging, perusing countless Facebook albums… until, voila! Momentum obliterated. Recently, it donned on me that the whole blogging thing is eerily reminiscent of the whole exercising thing. When you’re out of practice, climbing back into a routine is no piece of cake. Mmm, cake.

ANYWAY, the point is, you’ve just got to dig in, so without anything specific in my brain, this time, I’m determined to get something, anything on here. Why so serious, you ask?  Chill out, you say?  Okay, yes, I am in fact aware that this is just a freakin’ WordPress blog. But as a freelance writer and editor who aspires to one day be somebody in the world of magazines, food conversations, and travel writings (not to mention make some cash in the process), I am sorely out of practice. So practice I shall…

I like food. I find that most people do, so that doesn’t sound like an outstanding fact. However, I’ve also found that most people are much less eager to test their food limits. (And I’m not talking how many hot dogs I can cram down my throat in 10 minutes.) Given the opportunity, I will eat just about anything. That doesn’t mean I don’t have preferences and standards, but unlike my favorite male counterpart, I perked at the idea of trying fish ball soup. Why that sounds good, I couldn’t tell you. I leap at the chance to try new food genres, from Ethiopian to Turkish to Peruvian Chinese (see Flor de Mayo in Manhattan).

I also love cooking. While some people would much rather be summoned when it’s time to stuff their faces, I’m all about playing in the kitchen. It’s soothing on so many levels. In a world that’s so go go go, it’s the simple things in life, like preparing a tasty meal and enjoying it with a special somebody, that make it worth muddling through the chaos.

Beyond getting to feed my creative needs (and my tummy), I get off on the challenge both of recreating a recipe and mangling it successfully. Missing three supposedly key ingredients? No problem for Jenna, master of substitution. Then, of course there’s the battle against time, the problem-solving behind making the most of every resource lurking in the fridge with an expiration date. Blast, you spinach leaves! Slimy already?! I was going to throw you in this soup!

And while I develop a knack for which flavors and textures work together best, I plan to share some of my findings… maybe even post some recipes. (That will, however, require that I start measuring ingredients.)

Of course, even the best of cooks likes to be fed by someone else on occasion, so I will, of course, also be dishing about great dining finds in the city. And I welcome any and all feedback, reviews, and suggestions on any and all mumblings or otherwise. After all, sharing is caring. And fooding is most certainly all about sharing.

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “away we go…

  1. molly is the only person on earth who hates food, she can suck it.
    anxiously awaiting post number 2? will it be another year plus?

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