i lied.

i lied.

Hi there, lovely readers. I’m so glad you’ve joined me because today, I have a confession to make.

First off, I should probably clarify that contrary to possible assumptions made due to the selected phrasing of this blog, I am not, in fact, starving. I’m aware that my generation has become slightly out of touch with the concept of the hyperbole, but I happen to be sensitive to this fact. Hence, I feel it necessary to explain that, despite being laid off from a cushy job writing resumes to help other people find jobs (poetic irony? I think not) and earning enough bacon to save a little in the bank, despite the recent decline in said bacon, I’m getting by at a level that allows me to occasionally splurge on meals for people that make yummy noises when I cook for them.

So spit it out already: I’m pretty sure the fact that I’ve still never tasted or even considered tasting powdered milk or Spam lands me safely out of the realm of what qualifies as starving. Why am I babbling about this? Why don’t I just change the title to Technically-Unemployed-but-Still-Unable-to-Qualify-for-Benefits-yet-Nevertheless-Getting-By Foodie and get on with life?

Because, dear friends, (besides that obviously not fitting on one line) I believe I am a Starving Foodie at heart.

Also, the Starving part kind of takes the seriousness out of the Foodie part, which is a good thing because (point two!), although I am quite serious about food and all things related (even dishes – I seriously hate doing them), I don’t really know what I’m doing. I mean, I’ve read a few recipes, reviews, tips, etc., I’ve whipped up this and that and I’ve certainly sampled my way through my fair share of flavor havens, but pro I am not. I’m just this girl with a degree in journalism, aspirations to work for a magazine and an insatiable oral fixation. Oh yeah, and no real job (a part-time job and a freelance gig do not a real paycheck make).

So I have bills to pay. A cat to feed. And me, I get hungry, too. And bored. Josh, bless him, is a huge fan of the make a month supply of rice and beans/tomato soup/grits and bbq sauce method, and he’s good to go. This baffles me. Surely, he would survive much longer if ever we were both actually starving in a pantry full of grits and Stubbs, but my POINT, since I swear I will eventually make it, is that I like to change things up.

I like to try new spices, veggies and ways to wield a knife (God, I need a good knife). Learning how to concoct these gastro-adventures in my own kitchen, combined with vigorous attempts at ingredient thriftness, is how I have managed to maintain a respectable day-to-day menu without maxing out my credit card or forcing my tastebuds to shut up and lower their standards.

So here we are. Fooding on a budget. I hope that after this disclosure, you’re still down to come along for the ride. I think it’s gonna be a doozy.

Next time (Josh, stop reading): how to hide the fact that you’re too broke to take your date on a fancy shmancy birthday dinner by preparing a drool-worthy meal at home.

Until then…



3 thoughts on “i lied.

    1. Chao bella! Good to hear from you! I’ve been working in Dallas, doing this and that but most recently writing and editing for Mature Texan Magazine, a local publication aimed at North Texas’ 50+ crowd, and it’s been nice to be back in the realm of journalism writing. Also, I’m moving to NY in the fall! You still rocking France? =)

  1. Hey! That’s a long story, but the short answer is no. For the moment I’m working at a law firm (temporary job), but I’m waiting on a visa for a job in Paris for next year. That might or might not work out, and it’s been a long process.

    What are you planning to do in New York? It sounds like an adventure.

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