crustless quiche concoction.

crustless quiche concoction.

Oh, man. Can you say hiatus? It’s been a busy month and admittedly diligence in both work and play have interfered with my blogging. But I’m back. And like a heart attack, so is that leftover bacon I promised.

Now, I’m behind, I know, I know. I made the following one-dish meal a month ago, and while the sharing may have come to you belatedly, the experience was one of my best substitution, fridge-clean-out successes to date. There were moments I thought I’d met my match, but I’m pleased to tell you the adventure has a delicious, eggy end.

I never buy bacon. As a card-carrying gym member who has yet to step one sneakered foot inside my apartment complex’s rec center, I figure it’s just one of those ingredients I can benefit from leaving off the grocery list. However, exceptions are sometimes made. (Double Stuf Oreos are sometimes bought.) Hating to let potentially delicious things go to waste, I figured having America’s favorite breakfast-time artery clogger in the fridge was a great excuse to finally try my hand at one of my faves: QUICHE.

I love eggs. (When I was a kid, I wasn’t much of a fan, but that’s another story for another post.) Anyway, I love ’em in nearly every form and fashion that I’ve crossed forks with, and a dish that places eggs at the forefront is okay in my book any day.

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